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IBM AS400 Models 170-270

Model Abstract 9406-170

The IBM 9406 e-server 170 has many growth options. The e-server 170 is ideal if you want dedicated servers to run Domino, conduct e-commerce, or to develop new Java applications or other high-demand client/server applications. Also, interactive performance is increased significantly over many previous models, making it an excellent replacement solution for running existing line-of-business applications.

The Model 170 offers a mix of server performance for the client/server applications, as well as interactive performance required by the thousands of applications that have been developed for the AS/400.

The AS/400e Dedicated Server for Domino exploits AS/400 system resources to deliver performance for Lotus Domino(TM) workloads. AS/400e Dedicated Server for Domino is particularly effective when combined with the partitioning capabilities of Domino Enterprise Server(TM) to allow multiple Lotus Domino workloads (e.g., mail and applications) on a single physical server.

It adds up to AS/400 e-server 170 -- an ideal choice for small businesses or distributed commercial environments that want to transform isolated PC users into well-connected work groups with access to common applications and shared databases.

iSeries Model 270

The power of the mid-range IBM iSeries product line is now packed into the Model 270. Today, the Model 270 can give you the performance, reliability, scalability, and security you need for the world of e-business. The Model 270 can make the difference in your success.

Processor speeds alone cannot serve the broad, dynamic mix of e-business workloads. Bus speeds, cache levels, switching rates, and memory capacity can affect the performance of your business server dramatically.

That's why the Model 270 is designed to deliver cross-system performance.

In addition to increased processor performance, the iSeries Model 270 now has:

  • Up to 24 disk units
  • High-performance PCI bus and high-speed links
  • 700Mhz Integrated Netfinity Server
  • 1Gbps Ethernet and 100Mbps token-ring adapters
  • 35.16GB 10k rpm disk units
  • V.90 integrated modem in base system
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